Products and Services

Learn about our Products and Services! We offer top of the line products that will help you increase productivity and performance while keeping Safety as you’re the #1 priority. Be sure to check out our Repair Service and our excellent Janitorial Training that EC has to offer and to better increase your Machine life + Staff performance.

Online Ordering

EC Supplies offers state-of-the-art Electronic Ordering and Self-Service with our online ordering catalog. Customers can browse through over 2000+ products by category or keyword and can even make shopping lists to keep ordering as simple as possible. Customers can also order specific items by part number by utilizing our Quick Order Pad, view copies of your business's Invoices, Open Orders and Order History. Please visit our Contact Us page and submit a inquiry and/or call us for more information.

Next Day Delivery

EC Supplies offers next day-delivery from Miami up to West palm Beach! We can also build customized delivery programs to fit your needs. Please visit our Contact Us page and submit a inquiry and/or call us for more information.


Our highly qualified team and managers are available to train at our facilities or your own. Let us help you establish the best practices for all your cleaning and supply needs. Our sales professionals average over 10 years of experience in the janitorial supply industry and are anxious to show you our capabilities. Please contact us to schedule a consultation today or go to our Training page and submit a inquiry.


Call or email us to have our highly trained and qualified professionals repair and fix any issue you may have with your equipment/machine. In just a simple quote you'll have everything you need to know, from the issues it has down to the low cost. We work closely with our parts manufacturers to make sure we do the job quick, easy and competitively priced! Schedule a consultation today, just go to our Repair Page and submit a inquiry.


EC Supplies makes it easy to install. We have highly trained team members that specializes on installing dispensers like paper, tissue and soap dispenser of many sorts from big name brands we all know and love don't hesitate to contact us or visit our online catalog which showcases over 2000+ products, Let us reduce your overall cost to clean!

Janitorial Chemicals
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Floor & Carpet Care
  • Odor Control & Stain Remover
  • Dilution System
Janitorial Tools and Supplies
  • Buckets & Mops
  • Brooms, Brushes, & Squeegees
  • Wipers, Rags & Dusters
  • Gloves & Safety Products
  • Trash Liners & Waste Receptacles
  • Janitorial & Hotels Carts
  • Equipment Floors Pads
  • Tilt Trucks & Hand Service Carts
Janitorial Equipment
  • Vacuum, Sweepers & Scrubbers
  • Pressure Washers & Disks
  • Carpet Equipment & Extractors
  • Floor Machines & Burnishers
  • Commercial Cleaning Equipment
  • Industrial Cleaning Equipment
Bathroom Supplies
  • Paper Towels, Facial & Toilet Tissues
  • Hand Soaps & Sanitizers
  • Odor Control & Urinal/Commode Mats
  • Urinal & Toilet Products
Break Room Supplies
  • Cups, Plates, Stirrers, Cutlery & Napkins
  • Coffee, Tea, Sweetener & Cream
  • Cleaning Products
Packaging Material
  • Bubble & Pallet Wraps
  • Packaging Tape
Floor Mats
  • Entrance & Safety
  • Anti-Fatigue & Logo Mats